Early Career Investigators Network of the EORTC Melanoma Group

Mission In 2006, a network of early career investigators was created within the EORTC Melanoma Group. The mission of this Early Career Investigators Network of the melanoma group (ECI-M) is to facilitate the interaction and cooperation between early career investigators who are interested in the research field of melanoma. It is our philosophy that the exchange of knowledge, techniques, and clinical material will advance melanoma research. Membership of the ECI-M also introduces investigators to the wider Melanoma Group via reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for those selected to present at Melanoma Group meetings. There is a dedicated ECI-M session annually at the Fall meeting of the Melanoma Group (usually held in October) and ECI-M members can also be selected via competitive abstract submission to present in the plenary sessions at both the Fall and Spring (March/April) meetings. As well as showcasing their research, presentation at these sessions enables early career investigators to receive feedback and suggestions from established members of the Melanoma Group, who include some of the leading figures in Melanoma in Europe.

Early Career Investigator members

The ECI-M membership criteria have recently been updated to remove any age limit to membership. Researchers (both clinical and scientific) fulfilling any of the following criteria are eligible to join the ECI-M:

  1. PhD student 

  2. Postdoctoral or clinical fellow or residents in training 

  3. Principal Investigator or staff member with less than 5 years experience in that position

We invite Early Career Investigators to join our network by filling in the membership application form . The information that you provide will be posted on members-only password-protected section of this website. By sharing this information among all members, it will be clear who you can contact directly if you are in need of clinical materials, if you would like to learn a specific technique or if you just would like to exchange ideas. If you would prefer that your information is not added to this list then you will be able to indicate this when you join. Once you have joined the ECI-M, you will receive direct notification of abstract calls for the Melanoma Group meetings.

ECI-M representation on the Melanoma Group Steering committee

There are two ECI-M co-chairs who represent the early career investigators on the Melanoma Group Steering Committee and organise the ECI-M session at the Fall meeting of the Group. Each serves for a total of 6 years and one representative is replaced every 3 years. When an ECI-M representative is nearing the end of their 6 year term, ECI-M members are invited to propose themselves for consideration for this post and selection is made by the Steering Committee. The current co-chairs are Hester Franks (Nottingham, UK) and Bastian Schilling (Würzburg, Germany).

If you have a query about the ECI-M you can enter it here - Please login first - (LINK to inquiry form) and we will reply via email.